Friday, January 5, 2018

Woe is Me

Well, as usual here I am several months later from my last blog. I do apologize. I am thrilled that my book is finally published and I am trying to get it advertised so it can pick up more sells. I entered it into a Christain publishing contest but didn't even get a mention. I wonder why. It is a very well written story and makes one cry and laugh when one reads it. It is just not what they wanted I suppose.

The book has been mailed out to several people, including Glen Beck. I'm not sure he has seen it but I know it reached his company. If the people who read it would leave reviews on Amazon I am sure it would make more sales. We have sold many but would like God to bless us with enough sales so we won't have to sell our home. Yes, we are in danger of that because our income is changing drastically but unfortunately, the bills aren't. Just a few hundred dollars extra each month would help us be able to maintain our finances. It is so hard to face this issue.
I do not want to leave, we are surrounded by redwood trees and 3 1/2 acres of beautiful land. Beautiful if you like living in the area that is wilderness like. Tall trees, blue Jays, little sparrows and deer, elk, and bears, even a mountain lion. These are some of the animals we encounter once in a while. Oh yes, I must not forget our racoon. He comes around once in a while too.

Please pray for our family. I am going to write a book about our lives from my marriage until now. It will have a few sequels and will be about true adventues and hard ships, might I say trials, and God's grace and provision for us. God is good always, always God is good.

Monday, November 20, 2017

In Mourning

This has been an eventful week. My MIL passed away on Saturday, the 18th, and my wonderful daughter who was my MIL's caregiver for 4 years is taking it very hard. She was so close to Mom that it broke my heart to see her< Serenity, crying. She knows gramma is in Heaven but it isn't much easier for us that are left behind. Grams was in such pain. In 1993 she had a procedure done that involved a basket type thing put inside her to hold up her bladder. It didn't get the proper care and all of us kids forgot about it. So lately, she was having bladder infections, uti's and lots of other issues. One thing led to another and it ultimately killed her. She was 88 and had dementia but still, it hurts for us left behind, She is in Heaven though. Out of pain, and with her dear husband and my parents.
I have company now so more on this issue later on in a few days.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Today is November 2, 2017. I have spent about an hour searching through my emails looking for responses from people I wrote to regarding my new book. I haven't heard from most of them that I sent books to. I just want to know if they enjoyed it because I have heard from reviews on Amazon that it is a great read. I think I will start another book and see how it goes. After 52+ years of marriage, five kids, 14 grandkids and soon to be 7 great grandkids, I have oodles of stories in my head. I want to share them. I've thought of compiling a book of a few short stories. I am not sure of where to start so I guess I will start from when I first got married. Do you think that would be good? Start there and lead into some of the things that took place before we started our family. Or should I start with some adventure we had and go from there? Such as, when we were waiting to have our home constructed, we lived in a 24-foot camp trailer with one of our children and five grandkids. Can you imagine that? We had no power, no toilet, no water, no privacy. We did have an outhouse and outdoor shower. We borrowed water from a neighbor who already had a well on his property. Two kids slept on a bed made from the table, and four slept on the floor. Their ages were 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, and 19. Do you want to hear the story?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Watching Gunnar

Gary and I are dog/house sitting for four days while our son and his family go on a much needed and long past due vacation. Their dog, Gunnar, has a herniated disc in his back and is in much pain lots of the time. We are here because Gunnar couldn't make it up our porch steps without lots of pain or being carried. So we are at Matt's house in town. Even though it is in town, it is very quiet and peaceful because they are in a culdesac and not very many neighbors.
Gunnar managed to get himself up onto the couch and I will not disturb him until later tonight. He is sleeping peacefully, perhaps due to his pain medication. I will try to get him to eat too. He hasn't eaten all day. 
I am tired and hope I can sleep okay. I've never spent the night here before. It is also a mini vacation for us. 
Tomorrow is the humane society vet clinic to get exams and shots at a discounted price, but it is 23 miles away. I am supposed to take my two chihuahuas because they both need rabies shots.
I will decide that tomorrow morning though. It is once each month so no big deal if I wait til November.
I am going to close now. Will try to do more writing this weekend.