Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just Sharing a Little News

I am so sorry that I have taken over two months to get back to my blog. I am sure I don't have a good reason for not writing. Too busy. Too much going on. Too lazy. Too many internet games to play. I could take my pick of the reasons and probably find all of them to be true. 
My brother came out from Wichita, Kansas for a visit with my family. He was raised here in Crescent City so he knows oodles of people. He spreads his self pretty thin going around visiting as many as he can. He loves to fish. He plans his vacation around salmon season here. Our folks are gone to be with the Lord now but as we have siblings living in CC, he still comes out to visit every year or two. It is enjoyable reminiscing about the days gone by. We are in our late 60's now and as I have been married over 50 years, my brother and my husband have lots of old stories to share. They both worked in mills so they share lumber stories. They were both in the service, so they share military stories. Each time he comes out for a visit, the time flies by and he is gone back home too soon. 
Today, my husband went out to start the truck as he was going to Bible study. He goes each Thursday morning. Low and behold, our transmission was out. We drove into the yard after a quick trip to town yesterday and heard a loud clang. It was our tranny going out. Wow, what a day this was. That was our only drive-able vehicle and now what do we do. Living on social security and paying a large mortgage payment means we don't have money to get it fixed. 
Faith is wonderful. Here is where I start living the way I have been talking. God has this and I know He is watching over me and my family. My prayers seem to get as high as the ceiling and no higher. God, where are you? God why? There are family problems too and lots of issues we need to be praying about. It will be interesting to wait and see what God has in mind for us all.

Well dear readers I will write more soon. 

Thanks for listening.