Sunday, January 1, 2017

Just Thinking

well, well, well. The new year has officially begun. I pray for a great year and I do so wish my family will be able to get their lives in control and let God do His will in their lives. So many of my children have had rough times and as a mom, it truly hurts me to see them going through such pain. They are all Christians but not all walking with the Lord. Some of them want their own way and some of them are too impatient to wait upon God and His will.

We reap what we sow so I pray for them to want a close fellowship with God. He needs to become real in their lives and they need to live for Him. So do I. All the above is what I need also.

It is one thing to give advice, quite another to take it sometimes.  
It is quiet here tonight. One grandson is at the nearby school playing basket ball with his cousin, another grandchild is waiting to go to the movies. My hubby is watching TV and I am writing this blog. It is nice to relax for a while. Ought O. Hubby is sleeping. LOL. He does that a lot now days. I wonder if God meant for humans to retire or to go on working until we die. I think go on working. If one owned/worked his own farm/ranch, there would be no retiring. So makes sense to work until you die. Rest on Sunday and at evening. Whew! I am so thankful for retirement. Yes! Raising grandkids is a work in itself. Love them to death but in two years, they will all be raised. Maybe not gone out of the nest, but raised. 50 + years of marriage, five kids, and haven't had an empty nest for 46 years. I wouldn't change a thing. Love all of them, glad we were here for our kids when they needed us. Looking forward to the quieter times ahead though. 
I am going to close on that note. I will write more later.