Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just Sharing a Little News

I am so sorry that I have taken over two months to get back to my blog. I am sure I don't have a good reason for not writing. Too busy. Too much going on. Too lazy. Too many internet games to play. I could take my pick of the reasons and probably find all of them to be true. 
My brother came out from Wichita, Kansas for a visit with my family. He was raised here in Crescent City so he knows oodles of people. He spreads his self pretty thin going around visiting as many as he can. He loves to fish. He plans his vacation around salmon season here. Our folks are gone to be with the Lord now but as we have siblings living in CC, he still comes out to visit every year or two. It is enjoyable reminiscing about the days gone by. We are in our late 60's now and as I have been married over 50 years, my brother and my husband have lots of old stories to share. They both worked in mills so they share lumber stories. They were both in the service, so they share military stories. Each time he comes out for a visit, the time flies by and he is gone back home too soon. 
Today, my husband went out to start the truck as he was going to Bible study. He goes each Thursday morning. Low and behold, our transmission was out. We drove into the yard after a quick trip to town yesterday and heard a loud clang. It was our tranny going out. Wow, what a day this was. That was our only drive-able vehicle and now what do we do. Living on social security and paying a large mortgage payment means we don't have money to get it fixed. 
Faith is wonderful. Here is where I start living the way I have been talking. God has this and I know He is watching over me and my family. My prayers seem to get as high as the ceiling and no higher. God, where are you? God why? There are family problems too and lots of issues we need to be praying about. It will be interesting to wait and see what God has in mind for us all.

Well dear readers I will write more soon. 

Thanks for listening.

Friday, October 14, 2016


I am sorry I haven't been writing. I just let life get in the way of my days. Actually if truth be told, I do a lot of  game playing on my electronics so that is what I call Life getting in the way. LOL!

I do like to write and read a lot. I have done my share of reading but not writing. I try to write and then I get sidetracked some how or other. I have a WIP that has been in my head for over 12 years but I have not put much of it on paper. Someday, I pray, I will get it done. I suppose I could write what I know then go through and critique my own writing and edit and etc. After all, one son and one brother of mine are published authors and i have a writing published too. But it was under a pen name and i don't advertise it much.

It is a dreary, rainy day here. It stormed a whole lot last night and it is at least not windy today. We are sitting by the fire and relaxing today. It is a great day for that kind of thing. In a while we will watch some good uplifting movies and maybe have some popcorn.

Well I will write again soon I hope.


Today started like any other day, except I forgot that I had to work for my son at the post office so he could go to the Dr. Found out he has low blood sugar and he is very ill. It's a wonder he is still walking around. Needless to say, I haven't done my treadmill walk yet nor my Bible study. You see, I forget things easily now and I forgot when his appointment was so I didn't plan for it.

This afternoon our horse of twenty six years is having issues. He has really watery diarrhea and he fell over onto his side and had convulsions. Then he got up and seemed fine for a while but still has the runs. We are going to watch him tonight and see how he is doing in the morning. He seems fine for now.
 This is the story about our horse Skeeter. Skeeter is a half Appaloosa and half Missouri Fox Trotter,(we horse people call that breed a Walkaloosa). We got him as an unbroken gelding when he was one. I was a 4-H teacher of horsemanship and I was able to have horses donated to our club as long as I kept said horse for one year then I could do what I wished, keep it or sell it.

We lost our Skeeter. He got poisoned from some bad hay. We bought it from a different supplier and it had some toxic leaves in it. So we had to put him down. But I will share his story.

When he was one we adopted him through our 4H project. My husband had lost his job and we decided to get a buggy and start a horse and buggy business. When Skeeter was two, we found a horse trainer and took Skeeter there for a few months. Also, we found an old fashioned blacksmith who used old fashioned ways to do his job. No electric and used an old timey forge and hammer. Anyway, he and my husband  Gary, built the buggy by hand. The only thing that was already made was the wheels. It was handy because five days a week Gary went to the blacksmith to work with him then on over to the horse trainer for lessons.They were about an hour and a half from home.

After the first day on the training cart, the trainer told my hubby we had a one in a million horse. Don't ever get rid of him so we didn't. Our buggy business was ok for a while but it cost too much to operate it and pay insurance and feed and etc. We were able to take our own son, Matt and his wife for a ride from the church to the reception. It was a great time. We also did a few rides in town and a few anniversaries and birthdays and special events but that was not very steady and it was our only income so we had to look elsewhere.

The first parade was on the 4th of July and that was 23 years ago when our grandson was born so I missed the parade. but it was worth it.

We retired Skeeter from business and just used him for family things. But eventually he was totally retired and just looked pretty in our front driveway area. He had a good life and we enjoyed him so much.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Thinking Back

Well here I sit at the post office filling in while my son goes to the dr and runs some errands. It has been over two years since I had my heart attack, at which time I sort of retired from working. I am finding that I have forgotten a few things but they are starting to come back to my memory. One of the side effects of the medication I was on in the hospital is short term memory loss. Sometimes it feels more like every day memory loss. I was in the kitchen yesterday and I guess I said a couple of things I don' t remember saying. I couldn't recall them but had witnesses who said I did in fact say it. I know God has this in total control but it is so frustrating. I do thank God daily for permitting me more time on this earth to spend with my family. I think forgetting is also a part of  the aging process, after all I am 67 years young.

Raising grand kids is a challenge, a sacrifice and a joy. I love them dearly. They are so awesome at times and so not so awesome sometimes. No matter, hubby and I wouldn't change anything for the world. We have been married for 50 years and have been raising kids/grandkids for 46 years. Is there such a thing as " an empty nest " In your world? What is that anyway? Just kidding. Three more years and I will know the answer for myself.

I realize this blog reads more like a diary but I write what the Holy Spirit nudges me to put on here so it is what it is. I am going to close this one for now and get to work writing on my book.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to my blog. I don't have any excuse other than I am the world's greatest procrastinator I think.
Have you ever lived in a 24 foot camp trailer? Have you ever lived in a 24 foot camp trailer for two and a half years? Have you ever lived in a 24 foot camp trailer for two and a half years with a husband, a cat, and five grandchildren and one child of your own? Well guess what, I have. To top it off  there was no well or running water, no bathroom, just an outdoor toilet and an outdoor shower, and no power! Gee how did we survive all that. Grab a cup of coffee or tea or even hot chocolate, my favorite hot drink, and pull up an easy chair and read about this wonderful, amazing, faith building
experience of a lifetime.
My hubby, Gary, and I had just sold our home and purchased some acreage in the redwoods. We paid cash for the land and cash for the home we were going to have built. It was a metal structure and would be made into a six bedroom, four bathroom house. We were raising five grand kids and still had a daughter of our own living with us at that time. We opted to move onto the property and live in a camp trailer while the home was being built.
 We had paid for everything except the contractor so would have been out of debt. It took over two years of haggling with the county over codes and issues so we did not get our home erected. It was going to be low maintenance, made out of metal, but because there was no other ones around to compare for an appraisal we were not allowed to build it. After much prayer, we decided to get a double wide trailer.
While waiting for the home, we went without power, a well and a toilet. We carried water from our neighbors for bathing and showers. We gave the kids baths in a large round metal tub and we took showers in an outdoor shower my husband put together. We used a rental toilet which we had emptied each week. We ate outside on our picnic table and I cooked on the gas stove in the trailer. It sure was crowded but we had a great time. The kids were little and my husband did hand puppets for them at night. I joined Netflix and we used the laptop to watch dvds at night. Every day I would take the computer in to my parent's house and charge it. I did okay with it all and for the most part so did everyone else. The two oldest slept on the bed that was made from the table, two slept in the walk way and two slept on the floor beside our bed. It was like camping out every day.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

To write or not to write

This is really something. Each day I plan to start writing my book and each day stuff happens and I don't. It is all about choices. I can choose to work on my writing or I can choose not to. I can choose to write or read. I can choose to write or play pc games. I can choose to ---- well you get the picture.
I believe God is nudging me to write again.It seem that a majority of the movies I watch on tv are about a writer of some kind. Journalist, author, a publisher or etc. It feels like God is speaking to me about it. I have thought of it for a few months lately but can't get motivated to get started on it. I love reading and if I can write a novel as entertaining as some I read, then that is what it is all about for  me.
I have been married for over 50 years. There are five children, and oodles of grandchildren and some great grandchildren. There is no lack of stories to write about. It is just getting started that makes it difficult. I know what I want to write but not where to start. I guess starting from the beginning is always a good thing, LOL.
I have a son who impaled himself on a metal pole when he was 16, he is now 44. I have another son who messed up his life and spent 7 years in prison. One other son who lost the best job he ever had and is now reaping what he sowed but he is where he was meant to be with his daily walk with God.
I also have two beautiful daughters with stories to be told also. The grandchildren are stories in themselves. So you see, I have no lack of things to write about. Even our pets have stories to tell. I just need to get motivated. Or I could write about my struggles with my weight. I struggled for years then I finally lost the weight, only to gain most of it back again. I feel so insecure and I hurt inside but I still EAT! Foods I know I don't need nor should I eat. So story be told! I have no problem writing on here. I need to go and start my writing. God bless you all.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Just Lazing Away Today

This has been a really great day. I got up late, (around 10) which is way late for me, I let my chihuahua out for a few minutes, got on my walking shoes, let her back inside, then I walked for one mile, 23 minutes, on my treadmill. I feel okay after a walk. Otherwise I get short winded. I am not taking my diet seriously though, because I am not losing any weight. I really should get serious about my weight because I need to get my heart in a healthier state. I have weighed the same now for over eight months, give or take a pound or two.

It was a lovely day. I relaxed by watching a Lifetime movie.  Then hubby and I went to town for a while. Came home and fixed some hamburger stew. It was sooo yummy. Now I  am writing on my blog but I need to have my nails done as they are too long and I keep making typos.

The dishes are don and dried and put away. It is dark outside and I think my hubby and I will finish our game of Canasta we have going. We usually play cards four to five nights a week by ourselves and two nights a week with our son and his wife. I love it!

Ok I am going to go outside and look for my kitty. She goes away but comes home every week or so. Yes the last time she went away she was gone for three weeks. She is fixed so I don't know why she wanders.

Friday, August 5, 2016


I have decided today is the day to begin writing my story I started over twelve years ago and to make enough headway on it that I should be able to finish it in a few weeks. My son wrote and published a book recently and it is selling steadily. My brother wrote two books and have them published so I believe writing is in the blood. My blood anyway. I think the problem is that I want to write about what happened to my son's dog but as I wasn't there during the event, I have been reluctant to go on with the story. I am going to write it and fill in the parts with fiction. So it will be a story based on actual events. I pray it will be a real blessing to animal lovers everywhere. I wrote a story for a magazine a few years ago regarding this particular dog. It is on A story about Prince Duke and his "kids" 

I pray for good results and no obstacles to hinder my progress. I shall keep all my blog readers posted with updates on the story as I start my journey. 

Here I go.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


My baby girl is getting married this Friday, July 15, 2016. We are so thrilled. The weather has been beautiful until yesterday. Hopefully it will be sunny on Friday. We are almost all set except for the last minute things. Enid is so excited and is doing nearly everything herself. She actually enjoys doing this type of thing but it might get a little stressful for her this close to the wedding.

The wedding was a beautiful success. It was outside overlooking the Smith River. The wedding party were so beautiful/handsome in their camo attire. The guests were mostly family. The wedding party was mostly family too. 

After the wedding, the couple spent the night there, then went on a honeymoon to Yellowstone National Park. They traveled through several states along the way. Enid got to visit with her
BFF that she hadn't seen for three+ years. 

Things have settled down now and things are getting back to normal around here. I will try to post a couple of pictures of the wedding on here. 

Ok, no wedding pictures yet. I need to figure how to do it. I am going to get away from here for now and start working on my story. It shouldn't take too long. After all, I've only had about 12 years to decide what to write.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

No More Putting It Off

Today is July 2, 2016. I've decided to take up my writing again. I have a lot of time on my hands and my husband is encouraging me to finish the book I started about twelve years ago. At the time, a movie company was interested in taking a look at the finished product. I don't know why I quit then, but I have felt a gentle urge from within to get started on it once again.
I have a brother and a son who are both published authors. I, too, have an article published online but it is under a pen name and not my own name. 
I am encouraged by how easily my son was able to get his book published. He will help me with mine as soon as I write it. There's no time like the present time. I'm praying for God's guidance and help with this writing project and I know He will bless my effort to complete it since He is the one nudging me with His sweet spirit. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Memorial Day Memories

Tonight I am going to share with you about my vacation over Memorial Day weekend. It was a very special time for my husband and myself as we have not had an actual vacation in several years. We went to Shasta Lake, California and met up with my cousins and their families. We only had a four day trip but it was great! Each night we slept on the patio boat. It was similar to sleeping in a water bed except the first night, when people were out having moonlight rides and their boats were making waves that rocked us fairly well. 
ok, I'm back for further blogging. I caught a cold just two days after our trip so I have been off the internet for the most part. Now I am ready to share a few things.
We had a great time that weekend. We met with cousins that we hadn't seen for almost 30 years. We played a lot of Hand and  Foot card games (canasta) and the guys went bass fishing twice each day. The only way to our little camp was via boat. I'm almost 67 yrs. young and that was my first time island camping. 
The weather was fair, not too hot. The day we left it was supposed to get in the mid 90's. We took a patio boat ride up river a ways and went in a gift shop and bought ice cream. It was delicious. Thankfully, hubby and I didn't gain any weight while on the camping trip. The lake was full and the weather was great. Had a good time and a trip I won't forget. We are making plans to go next year too. I hope we can go again this summer for a few days.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blue Wednesday

      Today I'm feeling like I need God to show me His presence. Sometimes I just get too busy playing games on my laptop or watching TV and I just don't spend the time reading my Bible or spending time in prayer with God that I should. My conscience tells me I need this to start my day.  That conscience is the Holy Spirit prompting me to do what I know I should do. God is a loving and forgiving Father and He sees my struggles with my daily things. I do take time to do what I want and I need to do what I should.
     I went outside this morning to call in my kitty. No one has seen her for over two weeks now. God usually helps her find her way home when I truly need that answer to prayer, This is of my own doing and I know it. If I want to feel closer to God I need to spend the time it takes to get to know Him better and to refresh my spirit with His presence

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Faith is such a wonderful thing to have. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith, it is impossible to recognize God’s many miracles because He performs miracles today just as He did in the Bible times.

Things happen for a reason and there are no accidents in the lives of Christians. I’m not saying everything “bad” that happens to Christians is God ordained. What I am saying, is that God takes the ugly and turns it to pretty. What starts out as very bad can turn into the best thing for us.

Last year, one of my sons lost his job of ten years. He had it made; a beautiful wife, two gorgeous daughters, a union job where he could take time off whenever he needed/wanted and get paid for it most of the time. He even got maternity leave when his wife had her babies. Three months paid maternity leave for him. Wow! And, drum roll here, all the time he wanted, to go hunting. An outdoorsman’s true kind of job. He was leader of various teams in his facility. The best at one of the things he did and was a very valuable employee. He sure loved his job.

Wait a minute, is something missing here? Where is God’s place in all this? Unfortunately, God was left out of it for the most part. Also, he was way up on his high horse and about ready to take a huge fall. You see, he lost sight of who gave him the job. He lost sight of where his blessings were coming from. He didn’t go to church because he worked on Sundays. He had everything money could buy. Over $100,000 a year and then some.

One day he fell off that high horse and fell very, very hard. He almost lost it all. Pride cometh before a fall! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing sinful about loving the job you have. In fact, it is a little easier to get up and go to work each day when you enjoy your job. A lot of times God blesses with good jobs. But please don’t lose sight of who allowed you to get that job and gave you the ability to go to work each day and provide for your family.

One year later his savings is gone and stress is setting in. What now? Low and behold God has finally gotten his attention. My loving son told his dad and myself that if it were not for what happened, he wouldn’t be where he is today, which is walking and talking with God daily. Going to church with his family. His daughter is in a Christian school, which they paid for from their savings after he lost his job. His savings is now depleted; they are in debt up to their ears because they had to use their credit cards to keep them afloat so to speak.

He knows he is where he is supposed to be in his walk with God. He knows he put God last in his life and now he is finally reaping the rewards of turning his life back over to God.

Matt went back to a former employer and the day he was there, two different bosses told him they were just getting ready to call an ask him if he wanted a job. Two different men who did not know the other one had planned on calling him. Two offices, two files on Matt and two men getting ready to call. My son was hired on the spot. One guy said, “we told you when you left here ten years ago, you would have your job back anytime you needed it. You were one of our best workers ever.” I know that’s true because twelve years ago, my daughter went in and asked for a job. They asked her who she was, she told her name and was hired on the spot because she was Matt’s sister and they knew his work ethics and Matt’s dad drove truck for the same company.

Yes, my friends, God is in the miracle working business. He gave Matt a miracle. Hope when there was no hope. Oh, he won’t get the “benefits” he had with the state job, but He will know God is beside him all the way this time. In fact, God will be riding in the saddle with him so he won’t fall off that horse again.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Today I thought about why my life is such a mess. I think it is because I am not consistent in what I start. I find it hard to get a project completed because I let crazy things stop me. Like, I will stop and take a break then start playing a game on the computer and not get back to my project until a later date if ever. 

I believe God is convicting me of this and I will try to set my alarm and rise early before the grand kids get up and spend quality time with God praying and reading His word. First things first. That way I will know I am where I need to be with the Lord and get my life right. 

For instance, I have a calico kitty that strays away from home for days on end. After several days, I ask God to bring her home and He usually does but not unless I need this for a faith builder. Believe me it is a faith builder too. You see, Honey doesn't come very often and not always when I call her but always when I need it for a reason or other. 

God is truly faithful and an awesome God.

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Trucker's Wife

What's it like to be a trucker's wife?
It makes for a different kind of life. 
Sometimes he's home, sometimes he's not. 
I have to make the best of what I've got.

Truckin down the road to a way out spot, 
speeding along, praying he doesn't get caught. 
The scenery is an awesome sight 
when he can make the run in the bright sunlight.

I'm sittin home watching the clock, 
wondering what my trucker might have thought 
when he checked into the motel alone, 
wondering if I'd be near a telephone.

He calls me as often as he can, 
He loves me for sure, my truck driving man. 
The hours go by, some go fast. 
I sleep away the first few but not the last.
I awake and start my day, 
praying for his safety while he is away. 
Nighttime is the hardest to take,
cause he isn't near me when I wake. 
A trucker's wife is what I am, that's no joke, he's my man!