Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blue Wednesday

      Today I'm feeling like I need God to show me His presence. Sometimes I just get too busy playing games on my laptop or watching TV and I just don't spend the time reading my Bible or spending time in prayer with God that I should. My conscience tells me I need this to start my day.  That conscience is the Holy Spirit prompting me to do what I know I should do. God is a loving and forgiving Father and He sees my struggles with my daily things. I do take time to do what I want and I need to do what I should.
     I went outside this morning to call in my kitty. No one has seen her for over two weeks now. God usually helps her find her way home when I truly need that answer to prayer, This is of my own doing and I know it. If I want to feel closer to God I need to spend the time it takes to get to know Him better and to refresh my spirit with His presence

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  1. I've been convicted of this very thing. I feel as if I keep missing my time with Him, putting Him off for other pleasures. I hope you sense His nearness and your blues lift soon.