Saturday, May 14, 2016


Today I thought about why my life is such a mess. I think it is because I am not consistent in what I start. I find it hard to get a project completed because I let crazy things stop me. Like, I will stop and take a break then start playing a game on the computer and not get back to my project until a later date if ever. 

I believe God is convicting me of this and I will try to set my alarm and rise early before the grand kids get up and spend quality time with God praying and reading His word. First things first. That way I will know I am where I need to be with the Lord and get my life right. 

For instance, I have a calico kitty that strays away from home for days on end. After several days, I ask God to bring her home and He usually does but not unless I need this for a faith builder. Believe me it is a faith builder too. You see, Honey doesn't come very often and not always when I call her but always when I need it for a reason or other. 

God is truly faithful and an awesome God.

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