Sunday, May 15, 2016


Faith is such a wonderful thing to have. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith, it is impossible to recognize God’s many miracles because He performs miracles today just as He did in the Bible times.

Things happen for a reason and there are no accidents in the lives of Christians. I’m not saying everything “bad” that happens to Christians is God ordained. What I am saying, is that God takes the ugly and turns it to pretty. What starts out as very bad can turn into the best thing for us.

Last year, one of my sons lost his job of ten years. He had it made; a beautiful wife, two gorgeous daughters, a union job where he could take time off whenever he needed/wanted and get paid for it most of the time. He even got maternity leave when his wife had her babies. Three months paid maternity leave for him. Wow! And, drum roll here, all the time he wanted, to go hunting. An outdoorsman’s true kind of job. He was leader of various teams in his facility. The best at one of the things he did and was a very valuable employee. He sure loved his job.

Wait a minute, is something missing here? Where is God’s place in all this? Unfortunately, God was left out of it for the most part. Also, he was way up on his high horse and about ready to take a huge fall. You see, he lost sight of who gave him the job. He lost sight of where his blessings were coming from. He didn’t go to church because he worked on Sundays. He had everything money could buy. Over $100,000 a year and then some.

One day he fell off that high horse and fell very, very hard. He almost lost it all. Pride cometh before a fall! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing sinful about loving the job you have. In fact, it is a little easier to get up and go to work each day when you enjoy your job. A lot of times God blesses with good jobs. But please don’t lose sight of who allowed you to get that job and gave you the ability to go to work each day and provide for your family.

One year later his savings is gone and stress is setting in. What now? Low and behold God has finally gotten his attention. My loving son told his dad and myself that if it were not for what happened, he wouldn’t be where he is today, which is walking and talking with God daily. Going to church with his family. His daughter is in a Christian school, which they paid for from their savings after he lost his job. His savings is now depleted; they are in debt up to their ears because they had to use their credit cards to keep them afloat so to speak.

He knows he is where he is supposed to be in his walk with God. He knows he put God last in his life and now he is finally reaping the rewards of turning his life back over to God.

Matt went back to a former employer and the day he was there, two different bosses told him they were just getting ready to call an ask him if he wanted a job. Two different men who did not know the other one had planned on calling him. Two offices, two files on Matt and two men getting ready to call. My son was hired on the spot. One guy said, “we told you when you left here ten years ago, you would have your job back anytime you needed it. You were one of our best workers ever.” I know that’s true because twelve years ago, my daughter went in and asked for a job. They asked her who she was, she told her name and was hired on the spot because she was Matt’s sister and they knew his work ethics and Matt’s dad drove truck for the same company.

Yes, my friends, God is in the miracle working business. He gave Matt a miracle. Hope when there was no hope. Oh, he won’t get the “benefits” he had with the state job, but He will know God is beside him all the way this time. In fact, God will be riding in the saddle with him so he won’t fall off that horse again.

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