Friday, May 13, 2016

A Trucker's Wife

What's it like to be a trucker's wife?
It makes for a different kind of life. 
Sometimes he's home, sometimes he's not. 
I have to make the best of what I've got.

Truckin down the road to a way out spot, 
speeding along, praying he doesn't get caught. 
The scenery is an awesome sight 
when he can make the run in the bright sunlight.

I'm sittin home watching the clock, 
wondering what my trucker might have thought 
when he checked into the motel alone, 
wondering if I'd be near a telephone.

He calls me as often as he can, 
He loves me for sure, my truck driving man. 
The hours go by, some go fast. 
I sleep away the first few but not the last.
I awake and start my day, 
praying for his safety while he is away. 
Nighttime is the hardest to take,
cause he isn't near me when I wake. 
A trucker's wife is what I am, that's no joke, he's my man!

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