Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Memorial Day Memories

Tonight I am going to share with you about my vacation over Memorial Day weekend. It was a very special time for my husband and myself as we have not had an actual vacation in several years. We went to Shasta Lake, California and met up with my cousins and their families. We only had a four day trip but it was great! Each night we slept on the patio boat. It was similar to sleeping in a water bed except the first night, when people were out having moonlight rides and their boats were making waves that rocked us fairly well. 
ok, I'm back for further blogging. I caught a cold just two days after our trip so I have been off the internet for the most part. Now I am ready to share a few things.
We had a great time that weekend. We met with cousins that we hadn't seen for almost 30 years. We played a lot of Hand and  Foot card games (canasta) and the guys went bass fishing twice each day. The only way to our little camp was via boat. I'm almost 67 yrs. young and that was my first time island camping. 
The weather was fair, not too hot. The day we left it was supposed to get in the mid 90's. We took a patio boat ride up river a ways and went in a gift shop and bought ice cream. It was delicious. Thankfully, hubby and I didn't gain any weight while on the camping trip. The lake was full and the weather was great. Had a good time and a trip I won't forget. We are making plans to go next year too. I hope we can go again this summer for a few days.

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  1. I love this. I am glad that you enjoyed yourselves. That is always important. Sorry you got sick :( It is always good to do something for the first time. Thank you for sharing.