Friday, August 5, 2016


I have decided today is the day to begin writing my story I started over twelve years ago and to make enough headway on it that I should be able to finish it in a few weeks. My son wrote and published a book recently and it is selling steadily. My brother wrote two books and have them published so I believe writing is in the blood. My blood anyway. I think the problem is that I want to write about what happened to my son's dog but as I wasn't there during the event, I have been reluctant to go on with the story. I am going to write it and fill in the parts with fiction. So it will be a story based on actual events. I pray it will be a real blessing to animal lovers everywhere. I wrote a story for a magazine a few years ago regarding this particular dog. It is on A story about Prince Duke and his "kids" 

I pray for good results and no obstacles to hinder my progress. I shall keep all my blog readers posted with updates on the story as I start my journey. 

Here I go.

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  1. How exciting Jeanne! What is the title of your sons book? I would love to check it out.

    I look forward to reading your story. Love you!