Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Just Lazing Away Today

This has been a really great day. I got up late, (around 10) which is way late for me, I let my chihuahua out for a few minutes, got on my walking shoes, let her back inside, then I walked for one mile, 23 minutes, on my treadmill. I feel okay after a walk. Otherwise I get short winded. I am not taking my diet seriously though, because I am not losing any weight. I really should get serious about my weight because I need to get my heart in a healthier state. I have weighed the same now for over eight months, give or take a pound or two.

It was a lovely day. I relaxed by watching a Lifetime movie.  Then hubby and I went to town for a while. Came home and fixed some hamburger stew. It was sooo yummy. Now I  am writing on my blog but I need to have my nails done as they are too long and I keep making typos.

The dishes are don and dried and put away. It is dark outside and I think my hubby and I will finish our game of Canasta we have going. We usually play cards four to five nights a week by ourselves and two nights a week with our son and his wife. I love it!

Ok I am going to go outside and look for my kitty. She goes away but comes home every week or so. Yes the last time she went away she was gone for three weeks. She is fixed so I don't know why she wanders.

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