Friday, August 11, 2017

Catching up a little

This is long past due. With my son's help, the Story of Duke is finished, published and we've even sold a few. I am going to have a book signing on the 30th of September. My son and I will be together and he will be promoting his two books as well as our joint one. It is such a blessing to finally have it finished. I guarantee you will need a box of tissues when you read it. It is an emotional book from the moment you start reading it until the end. I regret to say that it has taken over 20 years to get this accomplished. Lots of tears and starts and restarts. God is good. He made sure my son would be by my side to encourage me. I pray it gets the coverage it needs to bring a little joy to the reader's heart. It is a true story and takes place in our local area. It has pictures and lots of humor.

I am sorry for taking so long in between my blog postings. I will try to do better. I am currently working on another story and will try to keep you posted.

Our 14-year-old cat passed away a few months ago. It was so sad. I would love to have a kitten. One of my daughters has two beautiful little kitties. I wanted them so much. I decided against it though because hubby and I want to travel and no use getting a kitty and leaving her home for others to deal with. I will try to enjoy them from afar. 

It rained the other nite. We were sitting in the living room and saw a flash of lightning, then the thunder. Later on, when we were in bed reading, a huge bang and a bright light at the same time came through our room and lit it up brighter than daylight! Need I say it scared the dickens out of me. My heart thumped for a long time. Couldn't see any sign of where it struck but I swear, it was as if a bomb went off in our house or a plane crashed in our back yard. 

That was so scary. 

Well, it is late and I am tired. I will close for now. I will try to write at least once a week from now on if I have something to share.

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